Italian Cuisine

I have heard that Italian cuisine is the most popular style of cooking in the world. I don’t know if this is true, but what I do know is that Italian cuisine do... Read more

Just Kids by Patti Smith

I bought Just Kids in summer 2010 at Waterstones, in Notting Hill, London. My copy is the British first paperback edition. The book is so full of love, warmt... Read more

Downtown Beirut

This elegant pedestrianized neighbourhood was formerly the vibrant historical centre of Beirut, and is now host to many of Beirut’s swankiest, and priciest, caf... Read more


In the white spaces through which I move, I am invisible and painfully visible at the same time.

Beauty is the Beast

"I am the person that people move away from on the bus. I am the person that cops stop for no reason."

Drag Kings and the Femme Gaze

Temi Wilkey exults in the elasticity of sexuality, reflecting the fluid experience of drag back onto her waiting audience.

What Will Cost You Most

Chris Kraus looks back on her younger self, tracing the urge to capture thought and feeling on celluloid film.

Back from Afghanistan

A mother I walk alone … I’ll be walking alone for a long time now. He killed someone … My son … With a kitchen axe – I used to trim and beat meat with it. He... Read more