Beauty is the Beast

"I am the person that people move away from on the bus. I am the person that cops stop for no reason."

Drag Kings and the Femme Gaze

Temi Wilkey exults in the elasticity of sexuality, reflecting the fluid experience of drag back onto her waiting audience.

What Will Cost You Most

Chris Kraus looks back on her younger self, tracing the urge to capture thought and feeling on celluloid film.

Back from Afghanistan

A mother I walk alone … I’ll be walking alone for a long time now. He killed someone … My son … With a kitchen axe – I used to trim and beat meat with it. He... Read more

Face Blindness

Last winter I got an email inviting me to a dinner party. Let’s say the host’s name was Barry Johnson. I’ve known him and his wife casually over the years, but ... Read more

On Ivanka and Blindness

We are now deep in the era of Trump. As a magazine, we’ve accepted our role. We don’t employ an investigative team. Our contributors’ page lacks a platoon of re... Read more

The Zen of Eminem

In the face of this kind of misplaced hysteria, good rappers don’t back down. They defend the right to use words in the same way any novelist or filmmaker is free to do. They tell their personal truths.

Protected: Days of Shame

He started right in yelling, ‘Not my president! Not my president!’ His voice was high and clear and loud. He was fearless. Whenever he said, ‘Not my president!’ the people near them smiled coldly and said, ‘Yes, he is. He is now.’


It’s a painstaking process, a learned performance. I spent years making small, conscious modifications to my character, to be more British when I was in London, more Brazilian in Rio.