How to move on from Scorpio season

The first step is to move blinking into the light. Then, maybe, to survey the wreckage. Then, maybe, to renounce the fear in your dirty heart.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that many non-Scorpios do not trust Scorpios, unless they have already made friends or fallen in love with a Scorpio. Other non-Scorpios will witness such relationships with alarm or possibly even fear. This is unfair, so don’t do it. Be gracious.

Don’t let your personal vendettas obscure your celestial views. It is said that you never know how many people you hate before you have to name a pet or a baby. The same is true of star signs.

Do your affirmations. ‘Affirmations’ is another word for repeating that everything is fine until it becomes somewhere approaching fine, or at least until you are distracted from your aforementioned dirty heart.

See also: if you’ve dug up things that look grim and useless, it is possible to polish them rather than to put them back in the ground.

It is a fact not universally acknowledged that Scorpios who are not brooding and sexy will carry the shame of this deficiency through their whole life. Abandonment of these kinds of residual shames is a key objective of Scorpio season, something that I have not cracked yet, personally.

The day before the season ended, I walked through a building I had been too afraid to visit for the past eighteen months. In that moment, it seemed that the fear was a skin I could peel off like wax. When I walked out, my terror was greatly reduced.

If safe activities like this are available to you, it’s not too late to do them. Also the haircut, the tattoo, the disavowal of beige, of colours, of one particular colour, of fabrics, of clothing itself. But please bear in mind that, by the time you read this, it’s likely that Mercury will be retrograding. Remember to be realistic about what constitutes safe for you. Keeping yourself safe is the key thing, regardless of season.

Mercury’s conjunct with Saturn can make the world feel like two bricks moving against each other. Your teeth on edge. It’s easier, sometimes, to blame the stars – though not necessarily fair. The dark truth about astrology is that it is only interesting to you because it holds your life up to your own gaze. You are greedy to know it. I see you, searching furtively for 2018 predictions already.

Jupiter in Scorpio means that Scorpio season isn’t really over this year. It means you’ll be hungry for the next thirteen months. So do not worry if your jeans feel tighter, if your heart feels swollen like the gourd you cut in half and baked. The gourd was soft and seed-filled on the inside, the way you imagine your body would be, should someone open it up.

All through 2019, the hair on your head and the grass in the ground will keep flourishing, even when you are not. But what’s the difference? It does that every year. You’re hungry all of the time anyway.