On Meatless Days

Kamila Shamsie in celebration of an overlooked gem – a memoir about what people do to our lives by being in them, and by ceasing to be in them.

Contest Winner

The Commission Commission for a short story, 300 – 400 words, an interior monologue, from the point of view of Ivanka Trump, as she attends a meeting with her father and Xi Jinping, and contemplates who she is and what she’s become. Jared Kushner... Read more

Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble charts the collapse of a fictitious country, as witnessed by a seventeen-year-old boy, Ellis. In this excerpt, set during the celebrations of... Read more

The Moth Emporium

It had been five years since I went into the costume shop. It was only a few blocks away from my mother’s house, but I always hurried my pace when I walked past it. It was in a converted Victorian house; the exterior was painted gold, turquoise and b... Read more

Reading List

‘When I saw the sea after many months it was such a meeting’ A while ago I took my boyfriend up north, to spend a weekend in the seaside town I grew up in. We ... Read more

‘Writing fiction is a form of travel’

Five Dials reached Mohsin Hamid via Skype in his home in Lahore. The connection from British Columbia to Pakistan was not perfect, so after the interview was do... Read more

Tristram Shandy

Rewriting is not only a way of appropriating a text, of adopting and endorsing it, it’s also the best, most exact, most alert, most certain way of reading it.