‘We’re Terrible People’

We asked Joe Dunthorne a few questions about his new novel. Five Dials How you were able to cut this scene from the book? In a novel about relationships, isn’... Read more

Mercè Rodoreda’s Death in Spring

In some societies, language is a way to restrain experience, take it down to a level where it might stay. It is neither ornament nor exaltation; it is firm and austere in its purpose. It is thus a form of calm, modest knowledge or maybe even evasion.

Undisclosed Nights and Days

"The woman occupied a one-room dwelling at the very end of an alley, where the sunlight never quite reached."


"Rebecca spots Elizabeth’s name on the corner of a church pew. She is startled, yes, but not surprised."

On Meatless Days

Kamila Shamsie in celebration of an overlooked gem – a memoir about what people do to our lives by being in them, and by ceasing to be in them.

Contest Winner

The Commission Commission for a short story, 300 – 400 words, an interior monologue, from the point of view of Ivanka Trump, as she attends a meeting with her ... Read more

Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble charts the collapse of a fictitious country, as witnessed by a seventeen-year-old boy, Ellis. In this excerpt, set during the celebrations of... Read more

The Moth Emporium

It had been five years since I went into the costume shop. It was only a few blocks away from my mother’s house, but I always hurried my pace when I walked past... Read more