¡Qué tontos los ingleses!

Brexit feels personal. In my late teens I lived in Madrid, the solar plexus of the body of main-land Spain. I spend my life returning to it, now, an always-retu... Read more


That was the promise, a triumph Of the soul. I still believe that. The Waters are delinquent, the rivers Unfold and unfold. A heron’s unreadable Ink, th... Read more

The Home of the Foot

That’s about as exciting as a vee of Geese – in other words, it’s very exciting! A man pumps out his man-milk. We Didn’t clean these, it was only theatri... Read more


The first flash mob in Europe met in Rome on 24 June 2003. Three hundred people entered Messaggerie Musicali, a large book and music store, to ask its staff either for non-existent books or for the most obscure books by untraceable authors. ... Read more


A poem from the back of issue 42, the very last page, the last thing you'll be able to read of the issue, by Jay Barnett.

Statement & Legal Activities

Statement I wasn’t there that night. And if I was, I didn’t know. Not that they were drinking, you hear things sometimes, it’s only now I realize they did so... Read more

Four Poems by Mustafa Stitou

On leaving the bar I heard / a painter say that astronauts / often grew up without a father.

Table Talk

Table Talk (consisting of three poems) 1 When people talk about people they say ‘they’. They do it over the starters. You’re sitting between them and nod no... Read more