Three Poems

Root causes We were so poor we didn’t know it. On cloudless nights we looked for the moon so we could howl at something that wasn’t our stomachs. On the nigh... Read more

One Poem

You are earth and death. Your season is darkness and silence. No living thing is more remote than you from the dawn. When you appear to wake you are onl... Read more

Four Poems

Vanishing Act Only two out of ten people die in Abu Dhabi, the rest simply fail to have their visas renewed; they are bagged, tagged and placed on the next a... Read more

¡Qué tontos los ingleses!

Brexit feels personal. In my late teens I lived in Madrid, the solar plexus of the body of main-land Spain. I spend my life returning to it, now, an always-retu... Read more


That was the promise, a triumph Of the soul. I still believe that. The Waters are delinquent, the rivers Unfold and unfold. A heron’s unreadable Ink, th... Read more

The Home of the Foot

That’s about as exciting as a vee of Geese – in other words, it’s very exciting! A man pumps out his man-milk. We Didn’t clean these, it was only theatri... Read more


The first flash mob in Europe met in Rome on 24 June 2003. Three hundred people entered Messaggerie Musicali, a large book and music store, to ask its staff... Read more


A poem from the back of issue 42, the very last page, the last thing you'll be able to read of the issue, by Jay Barnett.