'My mordant friend told me the story of / the woman he loved in youth in Oxford /who had, he said, "a hospitable cunt".'


'One hundred years ago young Ezra writes / from Kensington to Miss Alice Kenny'


'Tucked among books, look, a long-ago letter, / long ago lost, thanks me for poems – for one / especially in which she’s named.'


'The bus-boys at the Aqua Grill are whistling / Sweet Susie ... Oh Susie Q ... Oh I love you / and I wonder, how do they know my name?'


'When the schoolgirl / in the Domino Tea Room / suddenly started sobbing, / an old woman, / none of whose business it was, / said not to take things so much to heart.'

Self-Portrait as a White Lady

'wayward, thin-walled, aloof: / I began to appear, bitterly / striving for the impossible body / a huge hole in the hollow of the bus stop, an interior / stadium'

What Are Good Manners?

'I’ve learnt everything I know from the Doctor. / When he asks if I want to talk about my mother / I say, ‘No, thank you. My mother is dead. It’s classic.'

In Praise of Children

'I had a dream my two girls, grown up, / with their intelligent eyes and nuanced, searching faces, / stalked up to me at Christmas, or something very like Christmas'