Five Gazes

We strike while the iron is hot. This is why all activism, all movements, must be intergenerational. We have to learn from previous mistakes.

On Being a Bear

"I had a conversation with a man who wanted to know about my work. He began by asking if it was ‘collectable’."

Three Sisters

RashDash on dismantling the canon: three theatre-makers wrestle with the highly suspect concept of the classics, seeking a new critical framework for a hegemonous body of work.


I am literally squirming in my seat. I would get up and walk out – I’m at the end of my row, so it wouldn’t be difficult – but I desperately want to hear how th... Read more

Restless Momentum

Dear Margaux, Your painting is a permanent presence in my life, and I don’t mean I carry it with me from place to place. I glance at it throughout the day. I... Read more

The Zen of Eminem

In the face of this kind of misplaced hysteria, good rappers don’t back down. They defend the right to use words in the same way any novelist or filmmaker is free to do. They tell their personal truths.