Bleak Landscapes

A collection of desolate beauty from the artist who helped create the greatest Radiohead visuals of all time.

An Album Can Last a Day

It doesn’t so much begin as swoop into land: thirty seconds of silence followed by the gathering swell of sputtering static and a sighing, weary chorus of what ... Read more

Just Kids by Patti Smith

I bought Just Kids in summer 2010 at Waterstones, in Notting Hill, London. My copy is the British first paperback edition. The book is so full of love, warmt... Read more

Five Gazes

We strike while the iron is hot. This is why all activism, all movements, must be intergenerational. We have to learn from previous mistakes.

On Being a Bear

"I had a conversation with a man who wanted to know about my work. He began by asking if it was ‘collectable’."

Three Sisters

RashDash on dismantling the canon: three theatre-makers wrestle with the highly suspect concept of the classics, seeking a new critical framework for a hegemonous body of work.