Number 44 | The Female Gaze


In the white spaces through which I move, I am invisible and painfully visible at the same time.

Five Gazes

We strike while the iron is hot. This is why all activism, all movements, must be intergenerational. We have to learn from previous mistakes.

Undisclosed Nights and Days

"The woman occupied a one-room dwelling at the very end of an alley, where the sunlight never quite reached."

On Being a Bear

"I had a conversation with a man who wanted to know about my work. He began by asking if it was ‘collectable’."

Beauty is the Beast

"I am the person that people move away from on the bus. I am the person that cops stop for no reason."

Drag Kings and the Femme Gaze

Temi Wilkey exults in the elasticity of sexuality, reflecting the fluid experience of drag back onto her waiting audience.


"Rebecca spots Elizabeth’s name on the corner of a church pew. She is startled, yes, but not surprised."