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Number 48 | Glitches

On Glitchessssssssssssssss

Welcome to our glitched issue. Download the PDF for new and exc&ting material from Joe Moran, Niamh Campbell, Adam Phillip5, S0phie Mackintosh and Stanl8y Donwood.


The man’s voice dropped, sounding conspiratorial; Caroline squeezed shut both her eyes, opened them, and nodded soundlessly. After a moment she said, OK. We will wait.

Bleak Landscapes

A collection of desolate beauty from the artist who helped create the greatest Radiohead visuals of all time.

Number 47

A special issue of unfurling illustrations by the artist Paul Davis. As you scroll down through the issue you’ll see ink drawings, pen drawings, paintings of volcanoes, sculpture and, thankfully, more than one flowchart. Paul brings nuance and emotion to the flowchart form.

Number 46

Features Pat Barker on the silence of women in warfare, Antony Beevor on the trials of researching in Russian military archives, plus a former British soldier re-examines the journal he wrote in Basra and an intrepid photographer tracks down the fields and lanes where WW1 deserters were shot. Plus: the Stasi spies on a group of poets, and a very special astronaut is unwittingly shot into space.

Number 45

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