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The Everything List

Five Dials asked So Mayer to send us an omnivorous list of everything, or almost everything, they’ve consumed in the previous month.

Without Mourning

Many anthropologists suggest that mourning is the closest thing we can find to a universal, that death rites, though their forms differ, are practised by all peoples.

Dear Cuz

Our mums are sisters. They lived in the same council block together in Camberwell, and then moved to within two miles of each other…

A kind of letting go

I’m very taken with the subjunctive in all things historical. What are the other possibilities and tributaries that branch off from what happened?

‘It’s best to understand the rules before you break them’

When people think of Indigenous art from the Pacific Northwest, it’s usually going to be something called formline, a technique that uses ovoid shapes, high contrast, and positive and negative space.

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