Five Dials in Posters

Nat Damm has designed posters for Slayer, Peter Murphy, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Legendary Pink Dots, Sharon van Etten and -- what? -- Justin Bieber. This is a collection of his work for Five Dials.


Donwood frequently collaborates with the band Radiohead and its lead singer, Thom Yorke. In 2002 he and Yorke won a Grammy for the special edition of the album Amnesiac. Here: his favorite trees.

Rocks in the Sky

'I find that one of the most important and truly interesting properties of rocks in motion is the role played, in the formation of the landscapes we humans love, by their relative buoyancy.'

Five Paintings

'With all of us wondering now, in our world of computer screens, "What’s real and what’s not real?" or "What has value and what doesn’t?" painting can be an ideal place to test out these questions.'


L-R: Helen DeWitt, Ali Smith, Sheila Heti, Deborah Levy, Anne Carson, Chris Kraus. And that's just the back row.

Number 35

Outtakes, rough sketches, first ideas, one-offs, research frames, photographs, scraps of dialogue and washes of colour from the making of Richard McGuire's groundbreaking graphic novel, Here.