Number 28 | Heroes / Heroines / Other Part I

The Time

The idea of actually killing had never been in my consciousness before, except as grand abstraction, but things changed rapidly in those first days of rubble an... Read more


L-R: Helen DeWitt, Ali Smith, Sheila Heti, Deborah Levy, Anne Carson, Chris Kraus. And that's just the back row.

A Eulogy for Uli

'Of course the first thing anyone wants to tell you about Uli is that Uli had a hell of a sweet tooth. Well, sure — guilty as charged. The man liked his candy.'

The Recurring Nightmare of Wilhelm

'The remaining man, Wilhelm, was also uneasy, but his mind was troubled not by what lay inside the crate but by lingering thoughts of his own.'

New York Traffic

'The two car accidents happened so early in his life that neither brought forth feelings of mortality at the time. It made sense that he survived them. Why not?'

‘Get Your Ass to Mars’

'I slip into my uniform, crumpled on the floor where I left it a mere six hours ago. My limbs are wet with exhaustion, cold, and I am unappreciative of the red glow outside our window.'

On Kate Bush

'There is something about Kate Bush’s voice – her physical voice, as well as her voice in a literary sense – that has often struck me as heroic. Heroic because it is reckless, stubborn.'

Number 28

Peter Stamm, Lee Henderson, Nikesh Shukla and Tom Basden. Katharine Angel on Kate Bush. Paul Ewen serves breakfast to Sonic Youth and Matthew De Abaitua survives Will Self. Plus Caleb Klaces.