Without Mourning

Many anthropologists suggest that mourning is the closest thing we can find to a universal, that death rites, though their forms differ, are practised by all peoples.

Dear Cuz

Our mums are sisters. They lived in the same council block together in Camberwell, and then moved to within two miles of each other…

On Journeys

What do we say when a year knocks the air out of us? When we started to put this issue together, the world was a different place. (I’m sorry to everybody I told... Read more

House is on Fire, Everything’s Paused

Near the end of March, during an endless weekday evening, I pace in my basement suite. In the one-bedroom bachelor pad, it’s a simple line. From the main door t... Read more

On Cricket

My dad grew up playing sandlot baseball in Middletown, New York. (I don’t really know what a sandlot is but it occupies the same space in my imagination as a so... Read more

Plainly Repulsive

I used to work with a girl who told me there was a finite amount of time that could elapse between her starting to eat something and becoming attuned to the tex... Read more