All Tyranny Must End One Day

In my little Serbian hometown, streets are mostly named after poets and Second World War heroes. The street where I lived and where my parents still live was na... Read more

An Incomplete Guide To Obscenity

This is in the nature of an Open F.I.R. (First Information Report), a technique borrowed from the Indian Police. (It’s true what the agony uncles say, there’s s... Read more

The Fight for Broken Britain

For a place teeming with the ghosts of empire, hard labour, hard liquor, sailors and prostitutes, it’s almost unbearably tranquil. This Britain isn’t broken: it’s just quiet to the point of being unsettling.

Transient Beauty

In Montreal, it is the women I always notice first. They are lithe, bold and astonishingly lovely. On the bicycle path, girls in tiny skirts float by, long hair... Read more


On the night of the summer solstice I made my way to Hermitage Moorings just east of London’s Tower Bridge. There were about a dozen other vessels in the harbour when I arrived, tugs and Thames Barges mainly, which had all been lovingly restored by a community of passionate enthusiasts.

Heroic Dose

'So you hop on a teapot and listen to this chick called Moon or June or Spoon who wants to tell you you’ve a beautiful aura, but doesn’t want to discuss her RL non-existence as a dental technician in Las Cruces.'

Noam Chomsky On Wars, Bailouts and Elections

In addition to his pioneering work in linguistics, Noam Chomsky has been a leading voice for peace and social justice. The New York Times called him ‘a global phenomenon, perhaps the most widely read voice on foreign policy on the planet’. He is the ... Read more

Glass House

'The version of intelligence we colloquially mean by ‘smarts’ or ‘brains’ or ‘brightness’ is our ability to work on the edge of human understanding.'