Number 32 | New Zealand


Yes, he emphasised, a little country; and with inhabitants so much limited in number it was unlikely you would even hear them rattle on any occasion when the Al... Read more

Camping In Our House

Some people felt that the earthquakes had shaken Nature into being more productive.


'My mordant friend told me the story of / the woman he loved in youth in Oxford /who had, he said, "a hospitable cunt".'


'One hundred years ago young Ezra writes / from Kensington to Miss Alice Kenny'


'Tucked among books, look, a long-ago letter, / long ago lost, thanks me for poems – for one / especially in which she’s named.'

Katherine Would Approve

'It was my first full-time job in a long while. The chairman of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society and the four paid staff were there, all in winter coats.'

False River

'When Greta rang with the news about Bertie dying, I said I was in the lobby of my hotel, but really I’d just walked into the reception area at Lake Lawn Cemetery.'

Number 32

Paul Ewen on the toll of expatriate life, John Ewen surveys the earthquake damage, fiction from Paula Morris, poetry by C.K. Stead, plus Ashleigh Young and Roy Colbert on the Dunedin sound.