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Number 45 | Europe in Pieces

Reading Cesare Pavese

How would you describe the appeal of Cesare Pavese’s books? I think the appeal of Pavese’s work comes from the same place most writers’ appeal comes from: th... Read more

One Poem

You are earth and death. Your season is darkness and silence. No living thing is more remote than you from the dawn. When you appear to wake you are onl... Read more

Four Poems

Vanishing Act Only two out of ten people die in Abu Dhabi, the rest simply fail to have their visas renewed; they are bagged, tagged and placed on the next a... Read more

Brits on the Water

I’m grateful for the new pub, and on a Sunday afternoon my wife, two sons and I will while away a few hours watching soccer on the at-screen TV, drinking a pint... Read more

¡Qué tontos los ingleses!

Brexit feels personal. In my late teens I lived in Madrid, the solar plexus of the body of main-land Spain. I spend my life returning to it, now, an always-retu... Read more

Italian Cuisine

I have heard that Italian cuisine is the most popular style of cooking in the world. I don’t know if this is true, but what I do know is that Italian cuisine do... Read more

Just Kids by Patti Smith

I bought Just Kids in summer 2010 at Waterstones, in Notting Hill, London. My copy is the British first paperback edition. The book is so full of love, warmt... Read more

‘We’re Terrible People’

We asked Joe Dunthorne a few questions about his new novel. Five Dials How you were able to cut this scene from the book? In a novel about relationships, isn’... Read more

Downtown Beirut

This elegant pedestrianized neighbourhood was formerly the vibrant historical centre of Beirut, and is now host to many of Beirut’s swankiest, and priciest, caf... Read more