Martha Sprackland

¡Qué tontos los ingleses!

Brexit feels personal. In my late teens I lived in Madrid, the solar plexus of the body of main-land Spain. I spend my life returning to it, now, an always-retu... Read more

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‘When I saw the sea after many months it was such a meeting’ A while ago I took my boyfriend up north, to spend a weekend in the seaside town I grew up in. We ... Read more


In the supermarket upturned octopuses lie on stones of ice as on a cold beach or an operating table. Obscene, as they should be with their legs splayed, thei... Read more

Martha Sprackland

Martha Sprackland was co-founder and poetry editor of Cake magazine and was assistant poetry editor for Faber. Previously a recipient of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award and an Eric Gregory Award, her work has appeared in Poetry Review, the London Review of Books, New Humanist, Magma and Poetry London, and has been anthologized in the Salt Book of Younger Poets and the Best British Poetry series. Martha is a poet-in-residence for Caught by the River. A pamphlet is forthcoming from Rack Press in January 2017.