‘Older black women, who writes about that?’

Bernardine Evaristo is the award-winning author of eight books of fiction and verse fiction. Her other writing includes short fiction, drama, poetry, essays, li... Read more

The Body-Text Speaks

What are the parts of a book? There is a front and a back, there are the pages: not much to name. Let’s make the attempt though.


The man’s voice dropped, sounding conspiratorial; Caroline squeezed shut both her eyes, opened them, and nodded soundlessly. After a moment she said, OK. We will wait.

Scene Two

Scene two: Hugo's office (HUGO is at his desk, on the phone.) Hugo This is Professor Hugo Fox. I sent down a couple of DNA samples. I was wondering if the ... Read more

Dr Lustucru

Dr Lustucru's wife was not particularly talkative. But he beheaded her anyway, thinking to himself that he could replace her head when he wished for her to spea... Read more

Reading Cesare Pavese

How would you describe the appeal of Cesare Pavese’s books? I think the appeal of Pavese’s work comes from the same place most writers’ appeal comes from: th... Read more