Number 15 | The Québec Issue


The first flash mob in Europe met in Rome on 24 June 2003. Three hundred people entered Messaggerie Musicali, a large book and music store, to ask its staff... Read more

Transient Beauty

In Montreal, it is the women I always notice first. They are lithe, bold and astonishingly lovely. On the bicycle path, girls in tiny skirts float by, long hair... Read more

What Was It Like? I’ll Tell You

'He sipped like a hummingbird drinking dew from a curled leaf; his face was long enough to wrap twice around his neck.'

Number 15

La belle province. Contributions from Gil Courtemanche, Michel Vézina, Gaston Miron, Émilie Andrewes, Leonard Cohen, David Homel, Rawi Hage, Mireille Silcoff and Madeleine Thien. Art by Julie Doucet.