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On Our Québec Issue, And Young Novelists
The Editor

The damned Canuck
Gaston Miron

Transient Beauty
Madeleine Thien

Mushroom Man
Daniel Sanger

A Sunday At The Pool in Kigali
Gil Courtemanche

What Was It Like? I’ll Tell You
Raymond Chandler

Into the Québec
Niven Govinden

On the Concept of ‘Us’
Dana Bath

On Bear-spotting
Anne Cloutier

Love Stories
Roxanne Bouchard

The Party Was Over Then Too
Leonard Cohen

Le droit chemin
David Homel

Appalachian Spring
Mireille Silcoff

Madonna of the North
Niven Govinden

On Culture
Robbie Dillon

Heathcote Williams

On Seeming Polite And Maybe A Little Shy But Really Just not Wanting to Make an Ass of Myself in French
Sarah Steinberg

Here is why critics matter. We need them in Québec
Robert Lévesque

On The Montreal Forum
Rebecca Harries

Émilie Andrewes

Street Noise
Michel Vézina

On Small Town Escape
Maxime Catellier

Incendies directed by Denis Villeneuve
Rawi Hage

The Author of Le Temps d’Aimer
Claude Mathieu

Oscar Wilde to Alsager Richard Vian
Oscar Wilde

The Agony Uncle
Alain de Botton

Dying is Easy
David Shields

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