Similes, including comparisons, from a page in Raymond Chandler’s notebooks.

  1. As cold as Finnegan’s feet
  2. As cute as a washtub
  3. As much sex appeal as a turtle
  4. As cold as a nun’s breeches
  5. As French as a doughnut (i.e. not French at all)
  6. As clean as an angel’s neck
  7. As shiny as a clubwoman’s nose
  8. High enough to have snow on him
  9. So tight his head squeaks when he takes his hat off
  10. Lower than a badger’s balls
  11. Longer than a round trip to Siam
  12. Smart as a hole through nothing
  13. A face like a collapsed lung
  14. A mouth like a wilted lettuce
  15. A nose like a straphanger’s elbow
  16. His face was long enough to wrap twice around his neck
  17. He sipped like a hummingbird drinking dew from a curled leaf