The State of Things

Writers appraise our turbulent times

I have not felt this apprehensive during my political lifetime

"In the United States, Donald Trump has managed to be bellicose and threatening in the face of nothing more than the results of his own chaotic management style. Can you imagine what he’ll say and do in the face of another Islamic terrorist attack?"

The language we use is as powerful as a bomb

"We need clear, visible, correct, easy to access data on hate crime. We need a space to challenge, based on evidence, incorrect reporting and opinion pieces."

Things are both bleak and electric

"I would bet that Trump is surprised by the strength of the opposition. He made a critical error in issuing that executive order his first week."

Shit, mate. You?

"We’re entering our third week of debating whether it’s okay to punch a Nazi in his stupid fucking face."

Free speech