It’s frightening how much is going to need to be rediscovered

How are things looking from your vantage point?

I’m amazed by how many key lessons the Trumpian world appears to have forgotten. I thought it had become obvious that free trade was the way to go; also, international agreements, climate treatises, the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary. It’s frightening how much is going to need to be rediscovered.

How do you feel about what’s coming in 2017?

I feel we’ll be taken to the edge of a very major conflict. Followed, perhaps, by the resignation of Donald Trump. Eventually, we’ll rediscover the virtues of the middle path, which will suddenly seem utterly extraordinary and in its own way rather revolutionary.

What can we do about it? (Practical advice is especially useful).

The most important thing is not to grow unnaturally hostile to people who don’t agree with you. There needs to be a willingness to try to teach those who are on the other side, rather than mock them and feel smug.