How are things looking from your vantage point?

Shit, mate. You? We’re entering our third week of debating whether it’s okay to punch a Nazi in his stupid fucking face. We’ve also just had our four millionth hot take essay normalising and humanising a bunch of transphobic misogynist racists as either sad young lost boys or the voice of the people. And I’ve had enough. It’s almost like, after months of far right Twitter eggs wearing liberals down by saying our identity politics are irrelevant, we’ve fallen for their bullshit and are tearing ourselves apart instead. Meanwhile they are doing evil shit that is worthy of them being labelled demon Nazis who need to be punched in their stupid fucking faces. IMO etc.

How do you feel about what’s coming in 2017?

Shit, mate. You? On a personal level, I’m having my second child and the extensive notes on my third novel indicate it’s gonna be a hard slog to get it done in time. Meanwhile, politically, everything’s shit and people are still escaping war-torn countries to arrive in safe havens to be told they’re immigrant scum who need to fuck off back to where they came from.

What can we do about it? (Practical advice is especially useful).

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 22.55.39On the day of writing this, I’m also watching in awe on Twitter as the writer and editor, June Eric Udorie (who, at 18, has done more to better the world than the majority of us, combined) hires out a cinema to give 400 young women of colour a special free screening of Hidden Figures, as well as a free copy of the book and a panel discussion to try and get them hyped about doing STEM subjects at school. We need to do more stuff like her. Because that act isn’t small and it isn’t a grand gesture at the same time. It’s targeted and provides a valuable experience that will stay with those attendees for the rest of their lives. To be told, at such a crucial age, that you can be whatever you aspire to be, you can be the best at whatever you want to be, that’s important. Because that’s the next generation. We need to put more energy into helping the next generation navigate these murky waters.

Speaking of which, I’m putting together a book of essays, written by under 24s, called Rife. It’s a state-of-the-nation look at what life is like for young people at the moment.

Help us get it funded here:


Let’s give these young people a voice.