Michael Robbins

Bubbling Under

'I live by the alien logic we impose on children. / Whoever smelt it dealt it. I’m glazed with K-Y / beside the Goth girls gone haywire. / Talk about cathexis!'

Enjoy my Symptom

'I spit on any fresh green breast. / It’s a misdemeanor. You can build the rest / from airplane parts and Listerine.'

I Did This to My Vocabulary

'The moon is my alibi. My tenders throw hissy fits. / My scalp’s at the foot of the precipice. / My lume is spento, there’s a creep in my cellar. / You can stand under my umbrella, Ella.'

Michael Robbins

Michael Robbins is the author of Alien vs. Predator and The Second Sex. His poems have appeared in the New Yorker, Poetry, Harper's, London Review of Books, The New York Observer, the Chicago Tribune and Spin. His next book, Equipment for Living, will be published in 2017.