I live by the alien logic we impose on children.
Whoever smelt it dealt it. I’m glazed with K-Y
beside the Goth girls gone haywire.
Talk about cathexis!

You were probably saving them for breakfast.
I stabbed a whale, I freed Tibet. Played
Solo to your Boba Fett.
The rapist they caught’s a total sexist.

Very little, perhaps nothing, is known about boats.
It’s an ill fish lives in a beehive. The authorities
want you to say it, not spray it. But I’m all,
Whatever floats your goat. Frog got your throat?

And now the Ghanaian poets weep in Guitar Center.
I didn’t come on this show to make friends.
Here, hold my drink a sec, I’ll teach you
how to know the anteater from the ants.