Even Worstward, Oh (Brexit Beckett Rag)

Three years. Three years on and ever worse. Sick of the either we tried the other. Now sick of both. Try again. Fail again. Fail best.

Strong and stable. Missaid. Long since strong. Long since stable. Ever tried. Ever failed. Fail again. Fail worse. Call failing succeeding. Call failing sovereignty. Take back control. Take back right to fail. Lead failing way. Lead all away.

Hard Brexit stands. Say it stands. Remain does not remain. Hard was hard. Is hard. Remain softening softens into ooze.

Control is ours. Our control. Don’t say weren’t meant to win but won. Don’t say. Dim future now on edge of void. Voted leave we left. Negotiated collapse. Head sunk we plod on. Ever worstward on.

Three years on.Worsening in dim void. From bad to worsen. Right and right again. Further right. Farthest right. Once lying.Twice lying. How small. May Davis Johnson Leadsom Gove McVey Mordaunt Grayling Fox how small. They worsen. They lessen. Anyhow on. Say all gone Britain. Alone in dim void with hands empty. Plod on. All others gone. Head sunk plod on. Worse now better later? Worse later. Go back? Try kneeling.

Three years on now best. Best at worst. Fail again. Best at being worst.