Anything But Guns

Five Dials x WeTransfer

A Questionnaire

The first Five Dials x WeTransfer interactive reading experience asks: What do you think of music? It’s a questionnaire. Or is it? Could ... Read more

Comes the Night

This first Five Dials vinyl single features a moody remix of author Hollis Hampton-Jones’s novel, Comes the Night, and an exclusive Lampchop remix on the flip. Listen here.

Car Boot Sale

What could look better at a car boot sale than a series of magnetized decals used to sheathe an entire car in weirdness?

Be Bold! Be Bold! Be Bold!

'Far from being given, culture is something we have to strive to protect against all incursions. Culture is the opposite of provinciality -- the provinciality of the intellect, and the provinciality of the heart.'

Five Dials in Posters

Nat Damm has designed posters for Slayer, Peter Murphy, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Legendary Pink Dots, Sharon van Etten and -- what? -- Justin Bieber. This is a collection of his work for Five Dials.

Inside the Hamish Hamilton Archive

Intrigue, adventure, romance, stationery. A film about the Hamish Hamilton archive, featuring Chandler, Sartre, Salinger, Thurber, Orwell and others. Music by Lights of Harmac.

Five People Talking About One Thing

On jokes. Featuring Tom Basden (Fresh Meat, Peep Show), Hephzibah Anderson, David Essig, and a guy eating fermented soy beans. Music by Faunaflage.