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The Witches are Rising
A letter from the editor

Singing over the Bones
Abi Andrews

What Will Cost You Most
Chris Kraus looks back on a younger self

What I am afraid of
Sophie Mackintosh

Three Sisters
RashDash on dismantling the canon

On Meatless Days
Kamila Shamsie on an overlooked classic

Five Gazes
Selina Thompson is not impressed by your diversity trends

Bridget Minamore

The Phantom of Femininity
In conversation with Deborah Levy

The Benefits of Time
Nadia Albina

The love languages of Donald J. Trump, Jr.
Elana Seplow-Jolley

Invasion/Runaway/Star Stuff
Robin Eisenberg

The female gays
Ali Smith

Drag Kings and the Femme Gaze
Temi Wilkey on performance art and the inimitable Charli XCX

The Woman in the Green Bugatti
Ashleigh Young

Beauty is the Beast
Krishna Istha on queerness, gender and the people who raise us

On Being a Bear
Jackie Morris

Candice Carty-Williams offers a catalogue of a body

Undisclosed Nights and Days
Bae Suah, translated by Deborah Smith

Marriage in Seven Acts Each Containing Sadistic Lovers w/ Deafening Howls of Pleasure
Melissa Lee Houghton

The End of the Story
Lydia Davis

as in an account of language not as in a meteor
Ira Brand strains at the edges of language and meaning

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