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On Festivals and George Thorogood
The Editors

In Pettibon’s Studio
Jamie Brisick

Is James Cameron Secretly Pakistani?
Mohsin Hamid

Twenty Summer Calendar Customs
Simon Prosser

A Festival Cloud Primer
Gavin Pretor-Pinney

Losing My Edge
James Murphy

The Ask
Sam Lipsyte

The Sex, Drugs & Rock ’n’ Roll Were Incidental
Matthew De Abaitua

An Extract from Must: The Inside Story
Peggy Shaw and Suzy Willson

The Time I Bled All Over The Place
James Greer

Miles Davis Canoodles!
Nigel Waymouth

The Kick
Kele Okereke

Of Love and Lycra
Gavin Hills

The Crazy Maker
Sarah Neufeld

‘ … but that isn’t his fault … ’
John K. Samson

Heroic Dose
Hari Kunzru

‘Providence’ by Sonic Youth
Mike Watt

Simon Prosser

Dean Wareham

The Wind-up
Ryan Adams

Fugue State in a Forest
Paul Murray

Death Fest: How It Was For Me
Stuart Hammond

‘Make Interesting Mistakes’
Sally Chamberlain

The Agony Uncle
Alain de Botton

‘I Wanna Do It’
David Shields

Full Stopping
Simon Prosser

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