– Belief in the inconsequential
tabletop napkin dispensers that get our chins clean
as we pull the moment to tatters

and cry that there is no difference
between a face and a luxury item.

Both are in excess of thought
which is not the brain’s function which is action!
Sure, the mind is not Raskolnikov napping,

though it is hungry and handsome.
Almost nothing corresponds to what goes on

in its sprung-floor playground except the terrific certainty
that days spew out like headlines
through a web press as big as a building.

it was like deliverance from being a reliable citizen.

Invention, it transpires, is contactless love-making.
It is the saucy dream of toothpaste hauliers
and the validity of oral hygiene. It is safe sex,

in some trendy positions, with the possibility
of more gallant kinds of cheesecakes.

In Tokyo, in the year 2003,
I overheard, the ground rolled continuously. Say,
who among us doesn’t care to picture

the architectonic plateleture that chafes beneath
the surfaces on which all people are shaken.