wayward, thin-walled, aloof:
I began to appear, bitterly
striving for the impossible body
a huge hole in the hollow of the bus stop, an interior

I shone

an igloo lit from within, in the spray zone
of star clusters, the cold extracts
of former community centres,

streets soused in alcohol, slow, gentle:
I made halls,
phantasms of origin; things based

the child that I was, in seal-skin boots,
shy of being seen, waits in the seedy light
of nervous exhaustion for buses and trams like some
after-effect of wrongly prescribed medicine, a sylph-like
umbra, sweat-stains under its arms,

electric baths, the puzzles that a contact leaves:
the sophisticated lighting of the terrain, hypersensitivity,
ruins of the gaze;
mist that forms at the touch

From Geistersehen (Suhrkamp, 2010)