What Are Good Manners?

'I’ve learnt everything I know from the Doctor. / When he asks if I want to talk about my mother / I say, ‘No, thank you. My mother is dead. It’s classic.'

In Praise of Children

'I had a dream my two girls, grown up, / with their intelligent eyes and nuanced, searching faces, / stalked up to me at Christmas, or something very like Christmas'

Bubbling Under

'I live by the alien logic we impose on children. / Whoever smelt it dealt it. I’m glazed with K-Y / beside the Goth girls gone haywire. / Talk about cathexis!'

Enjoy my Symptom

'I spit on any fresh green breast. / It’s a misdemeanor. You can build the rest / from airplane parts and Listerine.'

I Did This to My Vocabulary

'The moon is my alibi. My tenders throw hissy fits. / My scalp’s at the foot of the precipice. / My lume is spento, there’s a creep in my cellar. / You can stand under my umbrella, Ella.'