African Priestess, Columbus Circle

She said: Do you believe in anything?
I said: I weigh my food.
I said: I cried for an hors d’hoeuvre.
I said: I gave away Gramma’s pizzelles

to a crackhead at Penn Station.
She said: There’s no crackheads at Penn Station.
I said: They were made with eggs.
I said: I hoped the eggs would cure him.

She said: You’re killing the wrong person.
I said: His eyes were like cherry clafoutis.
She said: I don’t care how you slice a cake.
She said: It’s still a cake.

I said: Flourless flour noted.
She said: You violate the goddess.
I said: Butterless butter noted.
She said: Your ass is grass.

I said: Creamless creamer noted.
I said: Sugarless sugar noted.
I said: Maybe I’m lonely.
She said: Bingo baby!