The Needle and the Damage Done

A few months ago, author Jenny Lord finished her book on knitting, a complete how-to that includes original patterns, advice on sourcing the best yarn and plenty of practical tips. Finally, she had to decide on a suitable title. She asked other writers for suggestions. Below are the responses. None was used.



Paradise Knitty
Tough Knit!
I Just Knit Myself
Tender is the Knit
Knit or Die!
I’ve Got Knits
Knit on Your Life
Knit Without My Daughter
Knit Gonna Happen
Knits Landing
Hunger by Knit Hamsun
Knits and Berries
Hot Knits
Knitty Knitty Bang Bang
Holy Fucking Knit!
Around the World in Knitty Days
Knit Rider
Who Gives a Knit?
I Just Knit My Pants
Knit, Knit, Knitting on Heaven’s Door
The Whole Nine Yarns
The Needle and the Damage Done
Working on the Knit Moves
In the Heat of the Knit
The Yarn and the Restless
If You Got Knit, Flaunt Knit
To Infiknity and Beyond
Champing at the Knit
The Knit and the Pendulum
Lickety Knit
Knit Happens
Come and Get Knit…
Bring Knit On!
Thass da shizKNIT
InKnit Tho
Knit Tings
Get Your Knits out for the Lads
Moonknit Sonata
The Knitty Professor
This is Doing My Knit in