Tips For The Full Moon in Sagittarius

Under this moon, take care of the long bones of your thigh, the sockets of your hip. Do not drain your drinks; leave an inch in the glass. Can you feel your liver, a sharp round pain, in the small of your back? Maybe you’re imagining it, but also maybe not.

In an online article I read at two in the morning, under a previous full moon, it is revealed that the idea that surgery is more unsafe during a full moon is untrue.

It also asserts that dogs, cats and humans do not go crazy under a full moon, a statement I would like to respectfully disagree with, especially thinking of that night, which lasted a million years, or close to it.

Although at this time of year, with summer heat flooding everyone’s bones, who can tell which part of the sky is at fault? The sun, in Gemini right now, is just as culpable.

Top tip: if in need of catharsis, if in need of air, open your bedroom window and listen to the high animal shrieking outside, from somewhere. Or do it yourself, into a pillow, a wet towel, the way you might do with cigarette smoke or a secret pain.

There are fourteen full moons this year. Two blue moons, two blue months. If you are prone to sensitivity, these months – January, March – have already passed.And you survived.

Think about other times you have survived. Think it as often as you need.Think about break- ing the water, gasping.Think about that first deep swallow of air.This is advice not limited to the full moon.

And good news! Sagittarius full moons are less intense than others. Sagittarius is a lively sign, optimistic. It’s not a hardship to sit in the full beam of its positivity.

Someone once told me that they had never got on with the sign of Sagittarius because they had been loved badly by a Sagittarius. Don’t let your personal vendettas obscure your celestial views.

This moon is the flower moon. So we can categorically say that spring is upon us.We can clutch each other in the street and say, The weather, the weather. All around the flowers will be out. All the alternative names for it are wholesome. Milk moon. Bright moon. Corn-planting moon.

Do you live for wholesomeness at this time of year? Or does the heat, the light of this very moon, do something to you? Do you want to bury yourself in the ground? Do you want to pinwheel into the air?

Wholesomeness aside, you might still cry, or sit awake, your eyes raw and sanded. Or the idea of travelling might come upon you, the desire to board a plane or boat. Hot sky and mountains and being outside your life.

Clench your hand into a fist, count to three, and then let go. Picture the release of a kind of smoke. Repeat until your heart is light, or until your hand is too painful, whichever comes first. Let the fingers seize up.

You might find yourself dreaming of people, as Mercury enters Gemini.You might nd a wash of regret related to people you have wronged, years ago.You might nd your mouth eager to talk.

So call a friend who lives a long way away. Call somebody you miss.Tell them you were looking at the moon, unobscured by cloud, benevolent. Tell them your horoscope sent you.