Teaching by Example

'When I met Professor Sebald for our first tutorial, I was immediately struck by how different he was from the mostly aloof, self-important professors that I was used to at Munich University.'

Annie Hall

'I can’t help feeling like he’s dismantled the very admirable legacy of his earlier work by his later, overly prolific efforts. It’s a more benign version of Ralph Nader.'

‘If a little bird enters into a café…’

Cesar Aira explains why the sinuous thread running through his novels is more interesting, and more writable, than a linear plot.

I Guess You Had to Be There

Your life might need to take place in order for you to write your poems, but your poems should never be merely a record of your life taking place.

A Jet-Propelled Armchair

If his friends are to be believed, Cyril Conolly was a monster of sloth and self-regard. And yet, what an endearing figure he cuts through their letters and memoirs.

The Freedom Writer

To mark their 80th anniversary, the advocacy group Liberty delved into their sizeable list of contacts and got hold of 79 of the world’s best writers, then asked them to contribute pieces responding in some way to the word ‘liberty’. The results were... Read more

A Eulogy for Uli

'Of course the first thing anyone wants to tell you about Uli is that Uli had a hell of a sweet tooth. Well, sure — guilty as charged. The man liked his candy.'