Back Issues

Number 17

Kamila Shamsie on returning to Karachi, plus Henning Mankell, Leila Abouela, Roma Tearne, Patrick French and James Kelman. Tishani Doshi dreams a beautiful death and Gandhi offers marriage advice.

Number 16

A Christmas card of sorts. With contributions from Francesco Pacifico, Heathcote Williams and Mr. Christmas himself, Anton Chekhov. Cover art by Julie Doucet.

Number 15

La belle province. Contributions from Gil Courtemanche, Michel Vézina, Gaston Miron, Émilie Andrewes, Leonard Cohen, David Homel, Rawi Hage, Mireille Silcoff and Madeleine Thien. Art by Julie Doucet.

Number 14

An issue featuring a single essay by Orhan Pamuk on the subject of fathers and sons. That's it, that's all. But what more do you need from an issue? Plus artwork by the inimitable Lauren Simkin Berke.

Number 13

Featuring contributions from members of LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, The Weakerthans, Luna and Bloc Party. Plus Ryan Adams, Sam Lipsyte, Mohsin Hamid and art from Raymond Pettibon.

Number 12

The Utterly Broken Britain issue. Featuring artwork from Paul Davis, a list from Ernest Hemingway and reportage from Dan Hancox. Plus Jeremy Gavron, Brenda Walker, Colin Elford and James Robertson

Number 11

Roberto Bolaño, Paul Murray, Jon Savage and new poetry from Melissa Broder. Alain de Botton dispenses advice and Raymond Chandler reveals some unused book titles. Launched at Wilton's Music Hall.

Number 10

On David Foster Wallace. Contributions from Jonathan Franzen, Don DeLillo, Zadie Smith, George Saunders, Michael Pietsch, Colin Harrison, Gerry Howard, Bonnie Nadell and Amy Wallace-Havens.

Number 9

More fiction than non. David Shields, Helen Oyeyemi, Jonathan Coe, B.S. Johnson, Shane Jones, Rainer Maria Rilke, Philip Langeskov and Daniel Kehlmann. And a report on the booksellers of Saigon.

Number 8

The Paris issue. Ali Smith, Geoff Dyer, Susan Sontag, Albert Camus, Lauren Elkin, Paul Davis, Truman Capote, John Updike, Joe Dunthorne, Hugo Vickers and Sybille Bedford.

Number 7

Memoir and memory. Featuring the incomparable Diana Athill, poetry by Paul Farley, Elna Baker on Mormonism, Saïd Sayrafiezadeh at the airport, Jamie Brisick, Bernardine Evaristo and Paul Ewen.

Number 6

The Obscenity Issue. Featuring John Mortimer, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, NWA, Jerry Heller, Art Spiegelman, Arundhati Roy, Steve Toltz, Bobby Gillespie and four Danish cartoons.