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On John Mortimer and Obscenity
The Editor

Obama and Child
Paul Maliszewski

A Far Cry from Kensington
Ali Smith

Lightning in a Summer Storm
John Sutherland

‘I Think We Are Staying Tolerant’
John Mortimer

‘I don’t know how to put the genie back in’
Baroness Ann Mallalieu

‘We’re moving into restrictive times’
John Calder

‘There aren’t any rules any more’
Art Spiegelman

‘The culture wars are coming back’
Jello Biafra

‘Censorship has now moved into the hands of the people’
Jerry Heller

The Parental Advisory Sticker
Patrick Neate

An Incomplete Guide to Obscenity
Arundhati Roy

Horns: A Coda
Marilyn Chin

The Agony Uncle
Alain de Botton

How To Be A Witness
Richard Hoggart

Scene Two
Steve Toltz

Long Live the Garbage Man
Bobby Gillespie

Four Danish Cartoons

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