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A letter from the editor

Sophie Mackintosh on journeys

On losing a cat

softly a bell rings
Sophie Robinson

Flash Fiction

Old Meat
Vanessa Onwuemezi

Home Improvements

Grand Designs
Yara Rodrigues Fowler

A Love Story

The Night Crouched Over the Day
Lucie Elven

On Apocalypse

From ‘god complex’
Rachael Allen

On Scandalous Persons

Nicole Flattery

Lockdown and the Staycation

Today’s Square
Saba Sams

Also on Apocalypse

Altered Nature
Mary Jean Chan


What I Like About Drinking
Katherine Scanlan

On Hunger and Thirst

Three poems by Bridget Minamore

Family Album

Three stories by Megan Hunter

Lockdown and Relationships

Small Circle
Olivia Sudjic

A Night to Remember

Anbara Salam

What You Might Call a Holiday

Victoria Manifold

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