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On Trees
The Editor

Why the Ash Has Black Buds
William Fiennes

The Quaking of the Aspen
James Robertson

Why Nothing Grows Under the Beech (or Does It?)
Richard Mabey

Why Birches Have Silver Bark
Tracy Chevalier

This One (or How the Blackthorn Got Its Flowers)
Susan Elderkin

The Cuckoo and the Cherry Tree
Rachel Billington

Why the Chestnut Tree Has White Candles
Blake Morrison

Why Crab Apples are Sour
Maria McCann

Why Elms Die Young
Terence Blacker

Never Cut a Hawthorn
Joanne Harris

Why Holly Berries are as Red as Roses
Philippa Gregory

The Stickiness of Lime Trees
Catherine O’Flynn

The Music of the Maple
Tahmima Anam

How the Oak Came to Life
Maggie O’Farrell

Red Berries
Amanda Craig

Scots Pine (A Valediction Forbidding Mourning)
Ali Smith

Why Sycamore Seeds Have Wings
Philip Hensher

Why Willows Weep
Salley Vickers

Why the Yew Lives So Long
Kate Mosse

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