Mustafa Stitou

Four Poems by Mustafa Stitou

On leaving the bar I heard / a painter say that astronauts / often grew up without a father.

Two Poems

On my back I carried the coffin in which my father lay. / Bent low by its weight, I staggered forward step by step. / My pace slowed, the burden was too great, it was beyond / me.

Mustafa Stitou

Mustafa Stitou was born in Tetouan, Morocco, and grew up in Lelystad, in Holland. He lives in Amsterdam, where he studied philosophy at the UvA. He has published four collections of poetry: Mijn Vormen (My Forms); Mijn Gedichten (My Poems); Varkensroze Ansichten (Pig-Pink Picture Postcards), winner of the prestigious VSB Poetry Prize; and Tempel, winner of the Awater Poetry Prize.