Number 40 | We Had No Say In This

The Withdrawal Method

‘You can pay for half the procedure.’ ‘How much is that gonna be?’ ‘I think it costs two hundred and fifty dollars,’ I say. ‘But I might just be getting that from Dirty Dancing.’


1 The land’s forever making noise of rise and fall, the grand parabola. But must it always paraphrase? The moon can’t blink its shining cornea toward t... Read more

In Chernobyl

Svetlana Alexievich’s Chernobyl Prayer first appeared in 1997, eleven years after a series of explosions rocked the Chernobyl reactor in the middle of the night... Read more

It Feels Like Crime:The Devil Inside

Of all the questions authors get asked, the most puzzling but persistent concerns that which others might think of what the writer has produced. These others - ... Read more

On Manic Depression

For Jay Griffiths, manic depression causes an incandescent sensitivity. ‘My nerves are exposed,’ she writes, ‘the world is ferociously present.’


In the supermarket upturned octopuses lie on stones of ice as on a cold beach or an operating table. Obscene, as they should be with their legs splayed, thei... Read more

Against Elections

Why do we hold elections? Why do governments in the west export elections to other parts of the world? Is this process of choosing a politician’s name from a ballot effective, or have we forgotten why this practice arose in the first place?

All Tyranny Must End One Day

In my little Serbian hometown, streets are mostly named after poets and Second World War heroes. The street where I lived and where my parents still live was na... Read more