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Our Glorious Readers

On Ewen and German
A letter from the editors

Stratford, E20
Will Wiles

The Strand, WC2
Sophie Elmhirst

Palindromes for Specific Occasions
Demetri Martin

Paul Maliszewski

Your Reading Life
A Questionnaire

All Chic and Elegance Are Over
Jan Brandt

The Hurt
Peter Stamm

Curriculum Vitae
Pedro Lenz

Pedro Lenz

Ulrike Almut Sandig

The Expansion of Literary Language
Ulrich Blumenbach

Promised Land
Simon Urban

Self-Portrait as a White Lady
Marion Poschmann

Judith Schalansky

W.G. Sebald: A Translator’s View
Anthea Bell

A History of Memory or a Memory of History?
Amanda Hopkinson

Paul Greenleaf

Teaching by Example
Uwe Schütte

Physical Optics XI
Raoul Schrott

Figures V
Raoul Schrott

To Hell with Authenticity
Juli Zeh

The Language of Ravens
Marjana Gaponenko

Gentlemen, We Are Living on the Edge
Thomas Pletzinger

Tilman Rammstedt

Eating’s Cheating
Paul Ewen

Five Minutes to Midnight
Laurence Howarth

November, 2012
The making of the issue

The Ferris Wheel
Clemens J. Setz

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