Number 26 | Berlin. London. And more.


'When the schoolgirl / in the Domino Tea Room / suddenly started sobbing, / an old woman, / none of whose business it was, / said not to take things so much to heart.'

Self-Portrait as a White Lady

'wayward, thin-walled, aloof: / I began to appear, bitterly / striving for the impossible body / a huge hole in the hollow of the bus stop, an interior / stadium'

A Translator’s View

'Revising those essays in translation I was on my own, and I kept weighing up every sentence, wondering what Max would have thought of this or that phrasing.'

Teaching by Example

'When I met Professor Sebald for our first tutorial, I was immediately struck by how different he was from the mostly aloof, self-important professors that I was used to at Munich University.'

Curriculum Vitae

'Almost no one knows / that Ulrich Gwerder, / who, dressed as a merry shepherd, / posed in 1970 for a jazzy poster / for Tourist Information / in the city of Lucerne / was – at heart – a leftie.'

Number 26

Are you looking for German literature? Judith Schalansky, Jan Brandt, Peter Stamm, Demetri Martin, Paul Maliszewski, Tilman Rammstedt, Marjana Gaponenko and Anthea Bell.