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by Jennifer McCartney

It is the summer of 2000 and Bell, a student from Minnesota, is employed at an elite restaurant on Mackinac Island. With a circumference of just nine miles and no automobiles allowed, this unique resort on Lake Michigan is teeming with horse-drawn carriages, top-shelf vodka, bicycles, smoked whitefish and inspiring relationships.

Forty years later, Bell is stranded in her St Paul home clearing away the belongings of a lifetime while she awaits the arrival of a guest from that deceptively idyllic summer.

Afloat is an exquisitely distilled exploration of material and spiritual values and – equally – a riveting story of loyalty, betrayal and survival.

‘As with the best current dystopian writing… McCartney’s Afloat stays rooted in the real, the daily details, the human side of political and environmental inevitability… Often insightful, never sentimental, Jennifer McCartney’s Afloat is a smart, contemporary debut well worth reading.’
The Globe and Mail

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